the sunday currently, 27

it seems that for the past three weeks i’ve been doing my sunday currently in a different place each time. i was in bohol last week, and hanoi the previous sunday. now i am currently in nay pyi taw, myanmar.

it’s getting to be a little tiring, traveling and going on these missions. but i have to pat myself on the back because i am still able to keep up with updating this. though it does seem like i am maintaining only this on my wordpress account. i need to do more with it. if only i could just keep on writing all day, all week. well, i could, but i am admittedly too undisciplined to do so, and i get distracted so easily. sheesh.

anyway, on to this…

reading… still The Signature of All Things by Liz Gilbert. i’ve said it before, i only get to really read my books whenever i go on mission, and most of the time on the plane, while on flight. that is, if i’m not writing. but i really try to keep to my promise to myself that i will get to read more books this year. and try even harder to refrain myself from buying new books. (although if and when i get to see the next two books of the all souls trilogy, i will definitely buy those. hihi.)

listening… to the tv again. a series is on at diva, not really paying any attention to what it is. i just want the tv on since i am alone in this huge room.

writing… and cramming for amacon 4. i’m glad i was able to write on the plane earlier today, gists for the chapters that i want to work on. and with the several days i have here in any pyi taw, other than work-related stuff, i really want to be able to write my story entry. we’re supposed to send a 1-liner teaser by april 5. sheesh. deadline of the story is april 9. whaaaat???

thinking…  i should wake up early tomorrow to put in some serious work stuff. i am so behind some emails and commitments, and i kinda feel guilty about that.

wishing… my focus for the work tomorrow and the next 2 days will be sustained. i wish that i can separate my writer-mode self from my coordinator-work-mode self.

loving… MAICHARD! just watched sps replay and damn, they’re hot. get married already!

feeling… a little tired, and i do need to get some sleep. it was a whole day of travel for me and i need some energy for tomorrow. and the next days ahead. full of meetings.

here’s to another week away from home, hoping to be productive and active. thank goodness i have my fangirling self to keep me sane. my nights this week will be, for the 1st part, watching DTBY replays, and the 2nd part, writing.

turning in!

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