the sunday currently, 28

missed out on writing last week. i was at a party for my niece who turned 18, so i didn’t get the chance to do this. and also, i was more on a panic mode because of the deadline for AMACon 4 then, too. i got to submit by 3am, and since submitting i have only re-read what i sent once. i’m afraid to read it again for fear that i have missed a lot of typo errors, and a lot of story gaps. my mind was already too sabaw that night because i was really in panic mode and at the same time fighting off sleep. so i just tried what my mind was capable of at that time, then sent it. argh. then i read we could do a bit of re-write, and still i didn’t work on it. argh x 2.

anyway, i am crossing my fingers that amacon readers will still find it worthy to read. and that my prompter won’t be disappointed on how i interpreted the prompt she gave me.

reading… still The Signature of All Things by Liz Gilbert. like i’ve always said here, i do more of my reading whenever i travel. when i’m back here, i tend to ignore any books that i actually intend to read. but i know i should incorporate reading more consciously into my routine.

listening… to this pop chill playlist on spotify. the past days i’ve been bingeing on hamilton. haven’t gotten tired of listening and singing along with it.

writing… this and i was planning to do an update for NOTM but i got caught in organizing my fangirling files here on my mac, and arranging my clothes this afternoon. now it’s almost ten pm and getting sleepy, so my update will have to take a backseat yet again. i really should get back to writing an update for my stories on wattpad, especially now that amacon 4 is done. with internet really hard back in my room in los baños, i should be able to write in the evenings, and just post them un the morning when i get to the office.

thinking… about being more deliberate in what i write here on my wordpress account and on my wattpad acount. ok, so for more personal thoughts, my “me, myself and i” entries, it will be all here on wordpress. all my stories, on the other hand, will be on wattpad.

wishing… i will not go blank that much tomorrow at work. there’s just a lot of stuff i need to focus on at work and i wish i will not be distracted much by the excitement of the DTBY episode in the evening.

loving… my family and the 3 days we spent together in tagaytay.

feeling… sleepy. seriously.

at this rate, i will likely get to do an update on my NOTM by tomorrow after work. but i will still try to wake up early so that i can do some work.

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