the sunday currently, 29

i’m doing this from home, yey! not on any trip or mission elsewhere, but here in the comforts of my bed, and not in a hotel somewhere. and though i have some negative thoughts right now about  writing a little late than i have planned (i set my alarm at 8:30pm so that i can start writing by 9), i am still feeling pretty good about this so, here goes.

reading… same, the signature of all things, and feeling guilty that i really haven’t progressed with it. also been reading AMACon 4 entries on wattpad.

listening… to this spotify playlist Pop Acoustic and it’s kinda cool. was also listening to another playlist earlier, Blessings, pop praise songs which are all good, too.

writing… a little less than what i have planned out for the weekend. demmet. i wanted to update my wattpad stories, and possibly start on the fic exchange prompt that my san fuego family initiated yesterday. but nope, i got caught in the twitter exchanges, chats, and reacting to some issue in the fandom. frankly, people are blowing stuff out of proportion and it’s a sad thing. i’ve said and written a lot of thoughts about this on twitter, and i know i’m not a big account nor am i a relevant being in the fandom, but the issue went out of hand and it’s annoying and irritating that some fans feel too entitled. hay.

thinking… of overhauling my wordpress site, even contemplating on buying a domain name. but nope, not yet. haven’t been exploring this free version to begin with so buying a domain may be a little impractical. i will maximize and explore more of this current one.

wishing… my sss transaction tomorrow will be a quick one, and that i will get to settle my outstanding loan finally.

loving… that i was able to finish another journal, and that i am eager to start a new one.

feeling… sleepy, yes. it’s 10:33 as of writing, and i do have to sleep, because of an early start tomorrow.

i hope i’d get up earlier than usual tomorrow, for i really want to write an update for NOTM. and some work stuff, too.






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