the sunday currently, 30

this is my 30th sunday currently, on the 30th of april. and i am an hour and a half late from my set time to be doing this, but what the heck. i have spent the day basically – how should i put it? well, no other way to put it anyway – bumming. i did go out for a bit in the afternoon to pay bills and buy some stuff. heard mass in the morning, then just stared at my laptop the whole afternoon before going out. not really my most productive day, and i didn’t really intend to bum and laze the whole day. i’d have wanted to write updates for NOTM, but nope, that didn’t happen. there are also some work stuff that i really should work on as well, and yet i didn’t go there. so, what does that make me?

who cares? i don’t, so…HAH!

anyway, on to what i am currently…

reading… ooohhh! i bought new books! guilty! was at NBS and was looking for cosmo mag with maine on the cover but the cashier said they still don’t have it (what?!? and everywhere else in the metro people are scrambling to buy a copy!). so i browsed a bit on the shelves, looking for the All Souls Trilogy, or at least the 2nd book. to no avail. then i saw Tuwing Ikatlong Sabado (Every Third Saturday), a transcript of spoken word poems by words anonymous. it’s apparently #1 in the NBS best seller list, and what got my attention actually was the title, with Sabado in it (my tagalog ff for amacon 4 had sabado as a significant day, so…). then i saw that it was a compilation of the spoken word, and being a fan of poetry, and lin manuel miranda, i just had to buy it. while waiting for the cashier to pay for the book, i saw the stacks of paulo coehlo books behind the counter. i have been searching for by the river piedra i sat down and wept for the longest time since my copy has been missing (i suspect my cousin as the culprit who hasn’t returned it, and i don’t think i’ll ever get it back), and when i saw a copy behind the counter, i just had to get it. i also asked if they have the all souls trilogy, but they don’t have the box set there but at least i know that NBS has it. yey! it’s a bit pricey, sure, but i still want to get my hands on them. i got so caught in A Discovery of Witches, i need to read the next 2 books. oh, and there’s the gregory maguire trilogy as well. already read wicked and the son of a witch, then i saw the 3rd book, A Lion Among Men, and i was holding on to it. but my EQ was a lot stronger so i put it down, and gave in to the spoken word book. and of course piedra. i’ll get the lion book next time, then the all souls trilogy. yep. book addict here. and i am still reading the signature of all things.

listening…  on loop since this morning, To Be Yours I’m Destined, from Destined To Be Yours. my heart leapt when i saw tweets earlier today that it’s already available on itunes, so i purchased it immediately. still have no idea of what the exact lyrics are, but the melody is something that makes your heart relax and calm, something that you can keep listening to while reading, having tea, sitting by the beach. or even in a cafe. or, this is so random, outside the UPLB library. or even on one of the benches around the field (or freedom park, as its called now). basta. listening to the song makes me feel calm and daydream. i don’t think i’ll get tired of it any time soon. same as with the tagalog theme song, aking tadhana. they do have the same melody, though. easy listening, makes my heart happy.

Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 10.30.38 PM

writing… an update for NOTM after this. i was hoping that i would have some sort of ‘pattern’ of when i do updates for my stories. like when movies change every wednesday, something that people get used to or expect to happen. but nope, can’t keep up with my updates and so it takes me a long time to post. but i will try to at least post once a week. so after this, hoping i am still not that sleepy (although i am dangerously feeling that), i will make one update. oh, and there’s the fic exchange project, and we have this new one due may 17, backstories for the dtby characters. haha! that’s going to be fun. for our other fic exchange stories, click here.

thinking… about so many of the stuff that i want to write about. the stories, poems, that one novel that i have in my mind, work stuff. even the company outing/team building that we’ll be having come tuesday.

wishing… the waters will be calm enough on tuesday when we go to mindoro for that company thingie. it’s been a long time since i last went to mindoro, and i really don’t want a repeat of that trip we had before on a small boat. ugh! i suppose that experience triggered why i am not much of a fan of the open waters. i am so intimidated by the vastness of the ocean and seas. i swear, my eventual cause of death will likely be water or zombies.

loving… this song. and the positive tweets about alden because of his visit to the 97YO nana. also loving DTBY, no matter what people say about the teleserye. i am also loving my new bunch of writer friends at the fuego GC, with whom i exchange so many ideas and opinions and comments over what’s happening with the DTBY story and other fans who aren’t too happy with how the teleserye is going. and loving that i am in this fandom.

feeling… a lot. a little jealous of those who have had close encounters with A & M. relieved that i am still able to distance myself and not get too invested (not more than i am already right now) from all the kahibangan of other fans. hopeful that i would someday have my tamang panahon with the bibis, and if that day comes, i swear i will just cry.

ending this here for now. i really should discipline myself to write a little earlier so that i won’t end up sleepy by the time i finish my sunday currently.

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