i had this grand plan and resolve early in the year that i would be making daily entries on my blog. n/365. but like any other plan or resolution, i failed to follow through. i think my last was 18/365, and it’s now day 121. nevertheless, i try, still trying. so even on the road now (i’m a passenger anyway, though doing this is kinda making me dizzy now), i will put in some thoughts and ‘wisdom’ (hah!).

it’s may 1, by the way. labor day, a holiday, and the road, thankfully, is free from traffic. on some other part of the metro, protests groups are rallying, the usual event at this time of the year. i sympathize, sure, i’ve been part of those rallies before.  but i don’t know, maybe i’ve become too… uncaring? numb? i’m not saying i’m unaffected because labor issues will always affect me as i am part of the labor force, in a different degree maybe from what the majority of workers who join the protests, but i know so little now. i am rather removed from current issues that i may not be able to do justice to explaining the issues. is it a crime to feel this way?

on a completely different note, we’re going on a company outing/team building thingie for the next 3 days. it’ll be in puerto galera and, well, i’m not exactly sure how i feel about it. i can’t say i’m excited because it seems like its still work but on vacation? i mean, i will be with officemates whom i see everyday. only this time we’ll be in puerto galera. i hope i’d be able to sneak in some writing, though. my best bets would be early morning or late night. i know, it’s only 3 days. 

i need to process some internal stuff i’m feeing lately. i need to have better EQ actually, but thankfully my IQ still wins. i’ll have to figure this out before i actually put it down in writing. i promise to share it here. (like anybody even bothers to read, ha!) 

here’s to a new month, a new week. let it be different as we hope it would be. 


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