the sunday currently, 31

happy mother’s day! my weekend was spent with family, so it was all good and happy, with some bouts of impatience and tensed-up nerves, on my side. nevertheless, it was a good weekend escape, and i hope to make-up for not posting an entry last sunday. here goes.

reading… damnit, nothing. argh. well, i have been reading but it’s all on wattpad. not that i don’t like reading on wattpad, but i still prefer reading from real, physical books which i can leaf through the pages, not just with a swipe of my finger. but yeah, i haven’t been reading much, the liz gilbert book has been left hanging, and i recently bought this new book – Tuwing Ikatlong Sabado – which is a transcript of the spoken word poetry performed every 3rd saturday by words anonymous at Sev’s Cafe, which closed down in January 2016. i love poetry, it moves me emotionally beyond any story that i read. and the spoken word trend has got me hooked, so when i saw that book, i just had to buy it. sadly though, i still haven’t started reading it. argh. but i will, soon. promise.

listening… to this pop rising playlist on spotify, new songs that i am definitely unfamiliar with and that’s ok so that i won’t feel like singing along and focus on writing here.

writing… later or maybe early tomorrow morning before i leave for elbi, some updates for my fic. all fics. but i do hope to start on my new story. NOTM will end soon, just some 5-6 chapters more, so i want to start a new one.

loving… how my family still gets together for important occasions, such as this mother’s day celeb and anniversary celeb of my parents. granted, this weekend escape costs a lot more than what we normally spend, but i’m still glad that they enjoyed and had fun, and the food was amazing! also loving Luntiang Republika Eco Farms and the food and the place and the river (which i didn’t go down to the next day because my legs and thighs are killing me but the water by the river is so refreshing and my cousins had a great time there), and loving that it makes me nostalgic a bit of my days at CONSERVE and my work in Mindanao. ahh, time does fly so fast.


also loving these sculpture pieces displayed at Juliene’s Cafe at the Eco Farms, made by Mr. Ramon de los Santos, a visual artist from Talisay City, Negros Occidental. it’s made of terra cota, though some pieces are made of mixed media. they are simply amazing pieces of art, and i admire how it’s not as finely polished and a bit rough because i feel like there’s more depth in the stories of each piece. ranging from Php 4,500 to P33,000 depending on how large it is, the sculptures are a good addition to anyone who is beginning a collection. i have my mind set on the ‘bulaklak ni inday’ and those wall mounts with boys fishing, but i still need to save some money for that. as to where i will put them, well, i’ll figure that out later. i still have that lacquer piece from hanoi tucked away, so… i’ll have some place for them. trust me.

feeling… a little sleepy but i still want to watch me some big bang theory and eat salted-egg chips and write some more.

that’s all for now. here’s to a productive week ahead, be it work/career wise, fangirling-wise (because though i need to detach myself every now and then because of adulting and reality, i will never turn my back and stop from being a fangirl because i love doing it and i love how it has inspired me to pursue writing more), and writing-wise.

bring it on, monday.

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