the sunday currently, 32

let me do this a little quickly, since i still plan to write something else. not that nothing happened over the past week, or even this weekend, because a lot did happen, and there’s a lot to write about, but it’s almost 11pm and i do want to sneak in some more writing while my head isn’t nodding off.

reading… wattpad stories, all fanfic. finished several over the course of the weekend, and some updates from writers i follow. my real books that i have actually started reading have taken a back-seat, again. nothing new there, i’ve been saying that for the past month i think. nakakasawa na din na yun lagi sinasabi ko, but i will get around to reading more, especially as i have missions coming up.

listening… hamilton. of course. i’m this close to memorizing almost all the songs. my bucket list includes being able to watch hamilton either in broadway or west end. hah! big dreams, but hey, why not?

writing… later an update to my NOTM, though i still have to fix the next story in my head. or i will start with my dtby back story fic exchange story.

loving… that my weekend was spent with writer friends, and we had a lot of interesting topics to discuss, and continued to discuss, while fangirling hard. so glad to have found this bunch to swap ideas and wits with. really excited for all the stuff that we will soon be publishing on our common wattpad page.

feeling… inspired and eager to write more. not just fanfics, but all my ideas for stories, and even posting a lot more here on wp. also feeling more confident with my writing, but still cautious not to let everything get to my head because i really don’t want that to happen. i just want to keep writing and improve my craft. i know i will not get over any insecurity that i feel with my writing, even with the confidence, because, well, my brother’s an award-winning writer, and i’d rather not reveal that part to anyone else. anyway, i will just keep writing, and learn more on my own. i’d really like to explore a lot more about creative non-fiction writing, and if there are short courses on that, i’d love to try out. like andami kong time, di ba? hehe.

ok, ending here.

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