the sunday currently, 33

it’s 5:08pm as i write this on my phone, tumatambay dito sa powerplant mall. soshal, di ba? i’m just passing time actually, and hoping my friend will get here soon because we’re watching my kuya’s play by 7pm. kaya i thought of doing this na din, just so i would have done somerhing productive while waiting. 

reading… tuwing ikatlong sabado, finally. haha. after a month since i bought the book (i wrote 4/30/2017 on the cover so indeed it’s been a month na 😝), i am finally reading it! and though i’m only a few pages in, i can tell that i will love reading this and will finish this soon. i’ve always loved poetry and learning that there’s this spoken word poetry craft,  i know in my heart that i’m already hooked. besides, i’ve said it many times over, i love lin manuel miranda and he delivers very strong spoken word poetry 😍. also, reading the words in this book, even if i am only a few pages in, has inspired me to write better in filipino. and i can’t wait to write when i get back to my room. 

listening… to chatter around me. i’m sitting here at illy, taking my time finishing my muffin and coffee, and i hear chatter and mall noises and really random stuff. no focus actually, and not focusing on a single sound even with all the noise around me is somewhat soothing. 

writing… this, and hopefully an update to my fic later. and perhaps a quick fic or two. just maybe. 

loving… my newly purchased books and jeggings. although i’m also feeling guilty about buying them because i promised myself that i will not buy any new books or clothes for the month of may. sheesh, i bought new shoes last wednesday too! i should punish myself but … they’re cropped jeggings on sale! and the new books, they’re sad girls by lang leav and the remaining deborah harkness all souls books that i have to read! 😫😫😫 i suppose i’ll just have to put in more work to not make me feel guiltuy. 😔

and one last thing. feeling sad and pained for my cousin who is going through a life crisis right now, and i know it’s an issue within their family, but when our clan gets dragged into it by one person, tempers will really flare and i just want to send all positive energies and all the love to my cousin. i pray that things will turn out for the better. 

and that will be it, glad to have done this while waiting and my time isn’t all wasted by just sipping coffee and eating a chocolate muffin, which is too sinful, really. 😫

oh, another thing. hoping my friend gets here quick. i wouldn’t want to walk by myself to the venue. and my bag is crazy heavy, huhu. 

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