the sunday currently, 34

nay pyi taw. it’s almost 1130pm in manila, but with the time difference, it’s only 9:51pm here. and i was not ready that it will be raining at this time here. it was quite windy when we left the airport so i suppose rain is inevitable. anyway, here now for meetings, but with changes in the sked because of our partners here, i will not be here for the 2nd day because of another meeting i’m attending in bangkok. and, upon getting back to manila by thursday, i will be going on another trip in the afternoon with officemates, this time to taiwan for a quick vacay. yey! i’m actually looking forward to that one, syempre, because it’s a getaway! but now, well, i should focus on work here, and try as much to be productive in the next 2 days.

reading… the signature of all things, yep, i’m back to reading it since i definitely do more reading whenever i go on missions and traveling. and i am getting really amused with it now, though just a quarter through but the story is getting more interesting. i also brought with me sad girls by lang leav, since i’m going straight to another trip until next week. if i find myself getting a little bored with the other book, i’ll just shift to the other.

listening… to the tv, not really sure what’s being shown, it says triple 9, a movie and the only actor i’m familiar with is woody harrelson. as long as it isn’t a horror movie, i’m fine.

writing… later this new fanfic which i do hope to finish within the month and hopefully publish it by july (or earlier), and replying later to comments left on NOTM. i said that i’m not as engaging as i would have wanted to be with the readers of my fic, but i think i do owe them some response, at least. but it will just be a one-time response, i don’t want it to be awkward later on.

feeling… a little pressured to turn up with another good fic since i’ve had some pretty good feedback on NOTM, but i will try not to be too consumed with it because i am writing to express my creativity, to get these thoughts and ideas out of my system, and secondary na lang for the readers. i don’t know. should it really be like that? i’m not that good of a writer anyway, i’m still selfish i suppose. i still write more for myself. ok, i should really do some more thinking about this whole writing thing.

also feeling some pain on my neck, a result of a poorly positioned head upon dozing off during the flight.

i end this here for now. i plan to wake up a little early tomorrow and put in some work. heaven help me if i can get up a little early.


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