the sunday currently, 35

technically it’s monday, but i still want to prolong my vacation and since it’s a holiday tomorrow (happy independence day!), i still feel like its sunday. anyway, i’m here in taiwan, on my last day of vacation actually with officemates. purchased the ticket december 2016 and timed it specifically for this long holiday but it still seems that we haven’t gone around that much. but we did visit a lot of tourist spots so i suppose its all worth it.

reading… still the signature of all things, only get to read while on travel, like i’ve always said, but since we’re going around and coming back so late and tired, i haven’t opened the book again. but i’m getting into interesting parts of the story already so i suppose another travel will allow me to move forward with it.

listening… to the tv again, fast and furious on the tv.

writing… not much again, sheesh, although i was able to sneak in some drabbles the past week because of maine’s photos from maldives. her bikini photos are sure to make anyone’s minds travel and create stories because, damn girl, she’s really hot!

feeling… really tired after the past days of walking and going around. but also feeling accomplished and glad that i took this vacation with friends and got to experience taiwan.

hoping… that the next vacation i take will be on my own, more because of my need to re-group again and to write. but i am also wishing that i can bring my parents on another trip, either hanoi or bangkok, or even here again because i’m pretty sure they’ll also enjoy going around, but 3 days won’t be enough, especially at their age where i really can’t rush them to walk or even run after the next train. basta, i’ll bring them here some day.

almost 1am, need to sleep and another early day tomorrow.

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