the sunday currently, 36

jakarta. again on mission, again for a meeting, again doing this while on travel. i really should turn this into a travel blog. unfortunately, my travels are all work-related and are not necessarily mixed with pleasure so maybe when i do decide and gather enough courage to leave my real job, i’ll do more traveling because i love doing it, not because i have to. does that make any sense?

reading … still signature of all things, and i’m mid-way. hopefully after 2 or 3 mire missions, i’d be able to finish reading the whole book and move on to the 2 remaining all souls trilogy books i have. and sad girls by lang leav. and along with a lot of other books i have vowed to read over and over again. sheesh.

listening… to the tv, asia’s next top model now on. i’m getting a little tired of this routine of listening to the tv, but i have a roommate right now and though i’m not sure if she is actually watching it (just looked, she’s not), i suppose i should just put on my ear phones and listen to some music. (and yep, i just did. now listening  to spotify Empire playlist.)

writing… this, and later, while sleep hasn’t overcome me yet, i want to really do a pahabol father’s day fanfic, i just need to get some writing off my system, not work-related, because i might not be able to write any stories in the next days. somehow i feel a little, i don’t know how to put it, incomplete, maybe? whenever a day passes that i don’t get to write for my stories, my fan fic or whatever that crosses my thoughts for the day. and that’s a good thing, that feeling that i have lately. because i really want to pursue this, my writing, and really improve more.

feeling… a little anxious about the next day’s meetings, and on whether our consultant will be arriving or not. hoping that he did get on a flight to jakarta, and wishing that he will be ready to be on board soon as he gets here, but if he doesn’t make it, damnit i really have to do some heavy trouble-shooting for the next days. i also feel like i am not totally prepared for this meeting, yet here i am, writing here when i should be reading and preparing, but heck.

thinking… about options, about a career change, about work, about writing, about love and the intimacies that go along with it (fuck it, sex, fine), about relationships, about stability…i’d go crazy if i didn’t just write about this.

i should end here. i want to start writing on my fanfic, and on another story, and try to sleep a little early (even if i did sleep for an hour, i guess, after we got back from the mall), and wake up early, my mind works a little better for work early mornings (as long as i don’t lure myself to writing something else, hehe.)

oh, happy father’s day! i thank the Lord for my dad, and for all the wonderful father’s out there, and the moms who also become fathers. you’re all superheroes, and i do hope and pray that when i become a mom, i will be partnered for life to a wonderful dad and be the best parents we can be to our kids. (a thought just passed now, there’s a mother’s day, a father’s day, but is there a parents’ day?)


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