the sunday currently, 37

it’s 10pm, on the dot, and i’m late already in doing this post. got caught up in chatting on twitter, and checking updates on wattpad, and chatting some more. currently in valenzuela, and it’s a holiday tomorrow so i’ve been home for the past four days now, a long weekend for me, to be honest. after my trip from jakarta, i went straight here and just stayed online in case stuff came up. and some stuff did come up but i didn’t really see them as too urgent. i’m just afraid, though, that by tuesday, i will again be swamped and will have to spend a day just to catch up on emails and pending communications and more pending reports.

reading… wattpad updates. haven’t touched the book i’ve been reading, sadly, but i’m midway already, so i’ll try to read every night at least so that by the time i go on my next mission, i can bring a new book with me already. really want to get my hands on sad girls already.

wearing… shorts, socks and a hoodie. this has been my sleepwear for the past 3 nights already, hahaha.

listening…  to sara bareilles’ gravity on spotify. because i’ve been chatting with a new group on twitter and our topics ranged from the ADN Scholarship to showbusiness to investments and now we’re discussing concerts, music and artists, and sara bareilles’ name came up and yeah, i just had to listen to her again because i just love her.

writing… later, continuing my fic voices, so i can update by tomorrow. i was just planning on a short multi-chapter fic but it seems that i’m going longer. bahala na. i will just keep on writing to make sense into where i am leading the story into. also thinking of inserting an explanation in the middle of the story, just so the readers will know where i’m coming from and where i intend to bring it. but, well, as i said, bahala na. i’ll maybe just explain at the end.

feeling… something unsettling in my stomach, like kabag building up and i need to let it out.

thinking… i should have already packed the clothes that i intend to bring back to los baños, since we’re going out tomorrow already and my cousin is bringing me to the terminal. sheesh. will have to do it early tomorrow.

hoping… to have a productive week, work-wise and writing-wise, and hoping that my focus won’t be swayed nor will i get distracted too much with fangirling. in fairness, i have learned to discipline myself, especially since my internet connection in los baños isn’t too good at night. but i would like to get a better internet actually, especially if i’m serious about getting some rakets or sidelines, and these are usually writing related and i would need to do some web searching for this to happen. oh well, i have a lot of other plans in my head. like seriously registering to this new gym, or at least regularly run or walk around campus (habang it isn’t raining regularly yet), or enroll in a boxing class or something. basta.

i end here for now. here’s to a great week ahead!

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