the sunday currently, 38

thought i’d do this entry a little earlier because i plan on sleeping early tonight, and get up early tomorrow. was supposed to go back to elbi today but we have no vehicle (yep, our crosswind got sold last week, and we’re in between getting a new one), and there’s really bad pain on my lower back. i had to walk slowly and climb the stairs up the church carefully because it’s really hard to walk. this started last night, and i thought it was just a normal muscle spasm, but waking up this morning it was worse. i’ll get to that more later.

reading… wattpad fics. trying to catch up on fanfics and getting some inspiration. i’m trying to veer away from the ‘hot’ ones but, well, these ADN fic writers all have a little a harot in each of them, hahaha. and i’m loving them, of course.

watching… GOBLIN! haha. the bug finally caught me and i’m honestly hooked.

listening… to the whir of my room’s electric fan.

wearing… soft pants, a tattered shirt, and my hair down.

feeling… pain on my lower back, like i said. last night it was a little tolerable, i just thought it had something to do with how i stooped low to wash my laundry in my bathroom. it usually goes away in the morning, but not this one. i woke up to pee and it was just terrible. i was getting worried that it might have something to do with my kidney or i have UTI, as what my dad is speculating. i drank some paracetamol already and it helped a bit. i took a nap around mid-day and though there’s still pain, it’s lessened. i hurt more when i try to stand up straight and when i breathe deeply. there’s also pain in my lower right abdomen, and there was numbness on my right thigh and leg, so that scared me. if this doesn’t go away by tomorrow, i’m going in for a check-up. seriously.

hoping… the pain will go away. please.

thinking… of finishing my voices fic within the week. i’m glad readers are enjoying it. i originally planned a short multi-chap, because that was what it was supposed to be. but i want to make each chapter just a short one, so my original intent of bringing out their backstories in one chapter won’t work.

i guess that’s all for now.



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