the sunday currently, 39

i keep wishing that someday my sundays will be spent more on writing, because my saturdays are all for fangirling (the only day i get to watch and sit in front of the tv for eat bulaga, and tweet all i want about maine and alden, and then go back to updating my fanfic, and watch replays of EB and other bts about the two). my sundays will be writing about other stuff that my mind has been stocking up on – blog, work stuff, some intellectual/academic blah-blahs, even organizing my documents. but nope. not happening yet. the past week had been rather eventful – some heath related stuff, and our consultant getting back on board, and there’s all the paperwork for the car we wanted to buy. but i’ll get to that in a while. 

reading… wattpad updates. with no mission in the next weeks, the book that i am currently reading has again taken a backseat. 

listening… to the ceiling fan (i’m in elbi now), and to voices outside my room, i think ochie (one of our elbi friends) is still there, visiting. i just popped out a bit to say hi and goodnight because i was …

watching… GOBLIN! nyaha. already cried some, had to stop myself from doing another marathon (did that last night, 2 episodes, an hour long each, so i slept almost 2 in the morning) because i wanted to write this.

wearing… shorts, sleep dress, and herbal oil, because i am still…

feeling… some pain on my back, but this time it’s my upper left back, and it just happened this morning. if last week was a lower-back episode, this time it’s my upper back. geez. age. 

also feeling a little regret because i kind of snapped at my parents before getting out of the car earlier when they brought me to the terminal. i was getting irritated with all the voices and i just felt my cousin was too polite not to tell them that he knows the road and all, so i snapped. but i’m hoping they didn’t get it wrong. but still, yeah, i didn’t feel good about what i did 😔

hoping… my car loan application gets approved and that we’ll be able to get the car within the week. my parents weren’t too happy with the previous agent so we went on a car window shopping today, and settled for hyundai tucson. i love the built of this car and though it’s a bit pricey (monthly payment for 60 months will be 27k++, fingers crossed the car loan application does get through), i told my parents we’ll find ways to work it out. mapaparaanan yun, i told my mom. sure, there’re still lots of debts to pay, my salary may not be enough but i WILL find the means to pay. we just need a vehicle soon, because my parents are getting embarrassed of bugging my tita and cousins everytime they need to go somewhere. 

thinking… i should get to work early tomorrow and prepare for the whole day of meetings we have. also thinking that i need to make another list for the week. and also thinking i should have brought my xray and ultrasound results so i can have it read by a doctor here instead of medical city, since i have more time here. the ultrasound looks good, nothing to worry about. the xray impression says: predisposition to lumbosacral instability. i googled it and i still couldn’t understand what it means, except that it has something to do with age 😝

anyway. that’s all for now. hoping for a more productive week! 😊


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