the sunday currently, 40

i was set to go back to los baños tonight but there was heavy traffic along edsa and to be honest, i really didn’t feel like going back yet. i just got home yesterday after a tree planting activity in tagaytay, and got home late that i just felt like my stay here isn’t enough yet.

anyway, so here i go with my 40th sunday currently. wow. i don’t get to write that much on this site, only this regular sunday post, but i’m glad that i still get to do this. it gives me some routine, a habit that i’ve gotten used to doing that if i miss on a sunday, i sometimes feel bad about it. especially now that i’m trying to be a little more dedicated to writing than i’ve ever been. i’ve gotten this streak back, i’m not letting it go.

reading…  wattpad and twitter updates. i have a list of pending stories to catch up on, all on my reading list, and i do hope that unlike the physical books that i own, i will not get too far behind in reading those on my wp list. most of them are fanfics, and though some of these writers are really amazing and strikes my heart at times, i’m glad that there are some whose writings are just light and flowers and fluff. but i still need to get back to reading my real books.

listening… to ed sheeran, just turned on my spotify. and to the sound of my a/c.

wearing… a cardigan, shorts, long socks.

watching… Grimm later, if i’m still up to it, but likely not because i have to get up early to go back to elbi. i’ll catch up on my grimm marathon back in elbi, tomorrow.

feeling… a slight headache now, which was a lot worse earlier. i usually get these headaches before my period, but it’s now towards the end that i’m experiencing these. my hormones are going crazy now. menopause? yikes.

hoping… and praying for good new this week on my car loan application, and that we get the car within the week. please, please, please!

thinking… that i need to really get a driver’s license for real now, and be serious about really driving, especially when our new car gets here. i need to do this so that the driving tasks don’t just rest on my dad. i need to. i have to.

also thinking of doing one more update for voices. maybe two. i want to finish that soon, perhaps just another 3 to 5 chapters more, then i end it. because i really want to start a new one. non-maichard again. something i’ve been meaning to write since last year. but i will still do my maichard/aldub drabbles and quickies. i will never stop doing those.

it’s AlDub’s 2nd Anniversary! i will forever love these two, and this fandom. like i’ve always said, being a fangirl has kept me sane, and has brought back that drive to write again. and for that, i will be eternally grateful to the inspiration that Richard and Nicomaine has given me. i still look forward to my tamang panahon with them, but i’m in no hurry. i’m here for them in the long run. for now, i’m just happy that i get to write stories about them, and that being their fan has led me to meet new friends, whom i know i will always, always, ALWAYS treasure.


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