the sunday currently, 42

doing this post while waiting for my laundry to get done. first time to do this, and i'm kinda enjoying it. well, i'm just sitting here, actually, and just waiting for the laundry to get done. i'm also going to dry so that's another 40 minutes according to the ate in-charge. what i'm enjoying is the free wifi and the fact that i'm doing my own laundry and not just bringing it to the cleaners. already had some bad experience on that so this new laundry shop is actually nice. and what better way to while away the time than to write this post now. (i would have brought my laptop with me, but it's my first time here, don't want to be too obvious)

reading… nothing, really. i do have this book with me right now but i'm maximizing the use of the wifi so maybe while waiting for the drying, i'll pull out my book and read.

listening… to jeepneys outside (the shop is right beside the road) and to michael bublè, i think. that's the music i'm listening to right now here in the shop.

writing… later, for voices. over lunch i wrote some notes for my rockiversary fic for fuego, thinking of possibly turning it into a multi-chap. i intend to finish voices within the week, possibly, so that i start the new one this august.

feeling… a little worried again about my dad. mommy says he hasn't been feeling well lately, and after a check-up, the doctor says he has pneumonia 😔. i didn't go home this weekend because of an office event yesterday so i do feel a little guilty that i'm not there. good thing my titas and my cousins are with them. still, i should've gone home, i know.

hoping… my dad gets better.

wishing… i'd have more focus on work this week. and still be able to write my fics. and that the new car we're buying will be finalized already. it's been more than a month now, and my parents are really getting embarrassed of asking my titas and cousins to drive for them.

and here's wishing for a better week in every aspect.


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