the sunday currently, 43

here at new world manila bay hotel. another office event by tomorrow. just finished welcome dinner and we have another full day tomorrow and the following day. the hotel room’s nice, actually. it was formerly the hyatt hotel but hyatt has moved somewhere else and now this hotel, though old as it seems, has been refurbished with new modern features. kuya jun said our former executive director (RIP) didn’t like staying here because the carpets smell of cigarettes. i don’t smell them, really, but my roommate says that it does smell like cigarettes. oh well, maybe because my nose is clogged or i have smelled worse. anyway, moving on…

reading… nothing. damnit. my book lies untouched back at home and i feel guilty. it’s august already and i have only finished reading 2 books, i think. argh. i need to read my books!

writing… a new fic! yey! i’m done with voices but i will miss it, for sure. but yey, i’m going to write a new one! maybe not tonight though, but i do want to start soon. i don’t want to lose my momentum. work-wise, i have tons of writing to do, actually, but, well…ok, procrastinating on work-related writing.

wearing… smart casual dinner attire, which was the dress code for tonight’s welcome dinner. it’s actually just the jeans i wore to the airport to pick-up our guests for tomorrow’s event, and a white blouse.

listening… to the tv. suits is on at diva but i really don’t watch that series.

feeling… happy because i’m getting so many nice comments on voices. at the same time feeling embarrassed because i am getting that many votes and compliments yet i still feel like i’m not that good. i cringe when i read back what i wrote, seeing some errors and stuff. but well, i’m thankful.

hoping and wishing … that my parents will feel better. both are sick, both are bored, and both are getting on each other’s nerves. hay.

ending here for now. we start early tomorrow, and i really would like to sleep well tonight. and perhaps get started early, too, to put in some work.

happy 50th ASEAN!





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