the sunday currently, 44

opting to do this earlier again, because i’m leaving later this afternoon back to los baños (hopefully i won’t get too lazy to leave, hahaha), and i won’t have any internet there. so i have to make use of the internet here now, and get ready to leave in a little while.

reading… tweets and other quick reads on the net. i have several tabs open, some of which i have bookmarked since friday and yet i haven’t gotten around to reading it. i still get too distracted easily, hay. i’ll get around to reading those, one of these days.

writing… or updating, rather, my CV because i realized that the last time updated that was back in 2011! six years already, and it’s a little difficult now to write down what the heck i’ve been doing these past years. i suppose i neglected doing any update because i simply had no immediate plans, as yet, to apply for a new job. i’ve been thinking of it, sure, but never seriously did anything about it. sure, i browse through job openings, but i’m still committed to my current job, even if management sometimes sucks. (only one part of management, to be clear). other than updating that CV, will also be writing a new fic on wp. hehe.

listening… to this Love Pop playlist just because.

wearing… (i seriously don’t understand why i need to put in what i’m wearing, hahaha)

feeling… hopeful. my emotional-hormonal state last week has passed, although there are still bouts, but i’m a lot better. i still have moments when i need to really cry, and i’m beginning to think i do have some depression tucked in my folds somewhere. i’m afraid i might just one day break down and give up. scary thought, but…

hoping… and wishing that this new week will bring better outputs for me, work-wise, because i sure as hell didn’t get much work done last week. getting really tired of meetings that somehow don’t get anywhere. tired of going over and over again discussions that we’ve already had. tired of waiting for authorities and management for decisions and approval. ugh. when these things happen, i go back to thinking of changing  careers. then reality strikes me, practicality hits me in the head, and so i just remain status quo. boring.

anyway, still holding on to positive thoughts, even if it escapes me more now. but i know i should keep holding on. i have to hold on. need to hold on.

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