the sunday currently, 45

today’s been a good day. i’m a little behind my writing targets but i’ll get to that later, i know i can still turn in an update or two (fingers-crossed i won’t get sleepy early), and possibly read a little for the next day’s meeting. spent the day with family, a birthday celebration, little hurt on the money side but hey, all’s good still.

reading… information notes for the tuesday and wednesday meeting later, and this story on wattpad that i have on my reading list for so long but really haven’t gotten around to reading it. thankfully the author re-published it. oh, and i bought Our Daily Bread from NBS earlier today. a little late into the year, i know, but somehow i feel so out of touch spiritually, lately.

writing… updates for my fics later, and that prompt from gerbie. i really don’t know if there’s a deadline for that, hehe, but i have an outline ready anyway, and hopefully i’ll be able to post it until early tomorrow. i enjoy having these writing moments, deadlines and all. gives me something to look forward to. it distracts me from work, sure, but i love this kind of distraction.

listening… to This is Coldplay playlist on spotify and right now it’s playing Yellow. i’ll get to watch them live someday. itaga nyo sa bato.

feeling… happy because of having spent the day with family, and because even if i wasn’t able to watch maine and alden on sps today, i still got to see the replay on youtube, and all those tweets about the fliptop battle. ♥♥♥

thinking… of what i need to do for the week ahead because i have a lot that needs to get done, for work and for family. and also for my writing, of course. there’s this meeting in the next couple of days, of which i need to make a presentation. i have a report that i need to turn in by wednesday, a draft one but still i want it almost final, save for the input from our consultant. i also need to rethink our schedules because my boss is asking if i can go to this consultation meeting in germany in her place. heck, i want to go, it’s been almost 10 years since i last went there (COP 9, 2008), but i need to work around some skeds. there’s also that core position that i have to apply for, and i’m thinking of making a proposition to my boss regarding that, in order to free up money from the project i am handling so that we can get more staff. then there’s the bank business that i need to tend to for our car loan, which i am really praying that gets done with within the week, and hoping that the car unit is released also this week. no more hitches, please!

hoping… that, even with a busy week ahead of me, i still get to find time to write and make regular updates on my fics. it’s more of for my own satisfaction, for now, and not for those who are reading my stories. not that i don’t care about them, of course not, because i really am thankful that they are reading my stories. i’m still surprised that people are reading them, and i’m always apologetic that i never really interact and engage with readers, except when a story is all done. when i say that writing regularly is for my own satisfaction, what i mean is that i need to get myself used to this kind of routine, and get used to the focus and concentration of writing at least 2-4 hours a day, even if it meant sleeping late. or getting up early. and that i get to maximize my creative juices.

so there. have a great week and praying we will say thanks everyday for every blessing that we almost often take for granted. keep breathing, stay positive, be true.

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