the sunday currently, 46

i feel like i should punish myself because for the past 2 days (or maybe it was 3?), i have not been writing anything. be it for work, or for my stories. the last i did was for Q&B, that prompt from gerbie and, well, even that i felt like it’s unfinished. even gerbie noticed it. inasmuch as i wanted it to be open-ended, she’s right – that story needed some resolution. but somehow i rushed through it, mainly because i was unsure of how i should really end it. but yeah, i still plan on finishing it. closure, or whatever. the plot calls for some ideal ending, not just for the A&M angle, but also for the issue that i worked around on. i need to do more research, though. but for now, this.

reading… wattpad fics. but i still feel like i’ve been neglecting my ‘real’ reading, holding the book that i was supposed to finish. not that i found it boring again, nope, but like i’ve always said, the time i actually get to read is when i travel, and i haven’t been traveling lately so…yeah. the book’s on my bed back in elbi, in hopes that i would read it one night.

listening… to the AC in my room.

watching… Once Upon A Time season 5. reviewing it, actually, because i can’t recall much of what happened in that season. i lack 4 more episodes to complete it, but i already have season 6, so before going into that season, i want to finish s5 first.

feeling… a little tired, and some pain on my thighs, which up to this afternoon i was wondering why but then i realized that i washed my undies yesterday and also gave my dog a bath, which meant crouching in my bathroom. good thing my back didn’t give, but squatting, well, equates to sore thighs. which leads me to…

thinking… of seriously getting back into shape, not just dieting or watching what i eat. i haven’t been exercising enough, nor have i done any walking or running or even stretching. i’m like a sloth lately, and all those events and meetings for the past months and weeks aren’t really helping, because of all the good food. ugh. i can feel how heavy i am and i really don’t like it. i should really set a goal for myself. and i should motivate myself even more. i have to figure out a way for this. here’s…

wishing and hoping… that i get to take this really seriously, and work out a routine for myself. exercise, write, travel. i really want to get back into shape and be able to write freely and travel leisurely. but of course reality pulls me back, especially for the last one, but it’s just one part of my ‘low-hanging’ goals for now. yep, i will consider that as a low-hanging goal, because i know, and I CLAIM, that i can achieve that in the next year. so yes, for now, writing freely and getting back into shape are what i want to reach in the next two months. speaking of…

writing… updates for my fics, which i still need to clearly make plots for (i have them, i just need to get a clearer picture on how to write them). i will get to that for tomorrow, which is a holiday. i will not be going back to the office until thursday, though, because we will finally get the car that has taken us too long to acquire. I CLAIM that WE WILL FINALLY GET THE SUZUKI ERTIGA BY WEDNESDAY.

oh, one more thing…feeling  happy, still, because of family. met with titas and cousins today, although we weren’t complete.

here’s to a productive and meaningful week ahead!

(geez, it’s going be september in a few days! the -ber months are here! Christmas is coming! ack!)






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