the sunday currently, 47

doing this on my phone because the connection in my laptop is a little slow. so this will be kinda quick, other than finding it difficult to write lengthily on my phone, i have to sleep because of an early day tomorrow. finally going back to work after a week spent here in valenzuela.

reading… a while ago, my entries for this everyday enlightenment journal that i got several years ago. can’t remember if i bought that from booksale. nevertheless, i know that it was left untouched for a long time, and then when i finally got around to reading and writing in it, i got stuck again and skipped writing and completely forgot about it. so when i impulsively cleaned my shelves earlier (not really cleaned but did some re-arranging in one side), i took that book and another one – lists to live by, which is another one of those that i started but never got to finish books – and, well, now i’m planning in getting back to writing in it again. oh dear.

listening… to my iTunes fangirling playlist because Imagine You And Me won in the 33rd PMPC Star Awards for Movies as Best Movie Theme Song! yay! so proud of maine!

writing… that progress report whole day tomorrow. ugh.

feeling… kind of sleepy but generally contented and satisfied with how my week went. we finally got the new car! and i got a new student’s permit, for the nth time, hahahaha! now i really, really, REALLY need to take driving seriously. i hope driving lessons are taken along with road rage management lessons, too. 😖

thinking… of taking driving lessons again, hahaha! and also thinking of how i will be able to manage my time this week with all the stuff that i need to work on. reports due, follow-ups, read submitted reports and proposals, review and evaluate consultant proposals, organize a meeting for that review, revise my CV, work in this raket after office hours, and still do my fanfics. oh, and prepare for a mission next week. just great.

hoping… that the week ahead, however hectic it is bound to be, will be very productive and that i will still get to spend some time to myself and reflect. i need that.

that’s all for now. turning in!


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