the sunday currently, 48

on our way to maejo university here in chiang mai. it’s almost 8pm, and it’s 30-45 minutes away from the airport. so might as well do this now, since i plan to do my stories when we get settled in at the hotel later.

reading… the signature of all things again, yey! still halfway through but i’ve gotten back into the story now. told ya i only get to read when i’m on travel. 😊

em>writing… this on the van as we travel to the university, and later an update or two for my wp fics. haven’t done any update for the past week and i feel like i should work double-time to catch up. i have my plot outline anyway but when i write, there are some details that just come up and those sometimes make me go a different turn on the story. and that excites me, hehe. so later i hope to rack my brain a little bit.

(ok, now in the hotel, back to this…)

listening… to the sound of boiling water, my officemate’s just about to cook some instant noodles for dinner. not really keen on eating dinner anymore. it’s past 10pm now and i’m just waiting for the toilet to be free so i can do my business and get on to working on my laptop. also listening to officemates chatting about a participant who was supposed to arrive tonight but because of bad turbulence, their plane turned around to bangkok. good thing we didn’t experience that…

wearing… still the clothes i have on since this morning, and really need to change because i want to write already.

feeling… tired and a little bloated.

wishing and hoping… for a productive workshop here in chiang mai, and that i still get to finish some pending stuff for work. thankfully i’m done with the progress report, but admittedly i’m not satisfied. i have to go back and read it again, do some editing, and add more.

so there. here’s to a great week ahead!


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