the sunday currently, 69

i better hurry this up because i’m already doing this late and i have other things that i intend to do. i’m at dusit thani here in makati (soshal) for a workshop, and i’m in a room all to myself which was not intentional because i was all geared up to stay in my officemates’… Continue reading the sunday currently, 69


the sunday currently, 68

currently in cebu with family, and we’re complete! this is a vacay treat from my brother, actually, and it's been some time since we went on vacation together. we arrived yesterday, had a late lunch at bucket lovin, one of the most famous restaurants here and they have these shrimp buckets as specialty and OMAYGAHD… Continue reading the sunday currently, 68

the sunday currently, 67

another weekend about to, well, end, and as with every sunday, i am always a little hesitant for a new work week to start because i feel that the 2 days that passed are just bitin. i can only wish for the week to be over again so that i can have my weekend back. then… Continue reading the sunday currently, 67


the sunday currently, 66

wasn’t able to do this last week because i was a little obsessed with a this is us season 2 marathon, and by the time i finally forced myself to stop watching it was early monday morning already. ha. so today i’m starting this early, not even six in the evening. i should also start on… Continue reading the sunday currently, 66


the sunday currently, 65

just got back from a debut party, one of my inaanaks, and damn i’m old. haha. but well, that’s the way it goes anyway. amazing how the party actually finished rather swiftly, even with all the program and those 18-somethings. it started at 6pm, and since we just walked to the party (practically our neighbors),… Continue reading the sunday currently, 65


the sunday currently, 64

today has been quite a full one for me. did ninang duties for a friend’s 1st baby, did pet parent duties to get my dog checked at the vet, and then a family dinner for january birthday celebrants. needless to say my stomach had a tiring day, and i'm just about ready to sleep. and… Continue reading the sunday currently, 64


the sunday currently, 63

i really should have done this hours ago, but i got so caught with watching ellen episodes on youtube, and also will and grace since yesterday, and now it’s almost 12 midnight so i should hurry this up lest i turn in a monday currently again. reading... Sea of Strangers by Lang Leav. finally finished… Continue reading the sunday currently, 63