monday currently

indawgyi lake wildlife sanctuary. spending 3 days here on a work-related mission, so here i am on my birthday. this should have been a sunday currently but i was too tired and cold last night to even keep my eyes open. spent the whole day yesterday out in the field, listening to presentations, going on… Continue reading monday currently


perfect bump

(i wrote this early last week while ADN was busy with games on twitter for the ADN Santas pa-havs. wasn't really planning on posting this but, hey, it's Christmas and i just wanted to feel good about this fandom) *** as i sit here in my room, which i will vacate in a day because… Continue reading perfect bump

the sunday currently, 59

sitting in a bus on its way to los baños on a sunday. better do this now since we will likely get caught in traffic anyway. yep, traffic on a sunday. gone are the days when sundays would be laid back, relaxed days on the road. listening... to rivermaya's ulan on the bus radio. hmm.… Continue reading the sunday currently, 59


Yep, she’s definitely THAT girl

i finished reading Maine’s book Yup, I Am That Girl last night, after having it in my possession since sunday when i bought it from a fellow fan in one of my gc’s. she handed it over to me during the adnfest and it was one of the reasons why i was so excited that… Continue reading Yep, she’s definitely THAT girl


the sunday currently, 48

on our way to maejo university here in chiang mai. it's almost 8pm, and it's 30-45 minutes away from the airport. so might as well do this now, since i plan to do my stories when we get settled in at the hotel later. reading... the signature of all things again, yey! still halfway through… Continue reading the sunday currently, 48


the sunday currently, 47

doing this on my phone because the connection in my laptop is a little slow. so this will be kinda quick, other than finding it difficult to write lengthily on my phone, i have to sleep because of an early day tomorrow. finally going back to work after a week spent here in valenzuela.reading... a… Continue reading the sunday currently, 47


the sunday currently, 45

today’s been a good day. i’m a little behind my writing targets but i’ll get to that later, i know i can still turn in an update or two (fingers-crossed i won’t get sleepy early), and possibly read a little for the next day’s meeting. spent the day with family, a birthday celebration, little hurt… Continue reading the sunday currently, 45