the sunday currently, 74

not really in any hurry to write this tonight because i’m taking a leave tomorrow, since it’s a holiday on tuesday and i’m bound to go on mission the following day anyway so...yep. what was my point? hahaha. anyway, my sunday currently has been rather uneventful, what with the hot weather and it’s better to… Continue reading the sunday currently, 74


monday currently

indawgyi lake wildlife sanctuary. spending 3 days here on a work-related mission, so here i am on my birthday. this should have been a sunday currently but i was too tired and cold last night to even keep my eyes open. spent the whole day yesterday out in the field, listening to presentations, going on… Continue reading monday currently

Yep, she’s definitely THAT girl

i finished reading Maine’s book Yup, I Am That Girl last night, after having it in my possession since sunday when i bought it from a fellow fan in one of my gc’s. she handed it over to me during the adnfest and it was one of the reasons why i was so excited that… Continue reading Yep, she’s definitely THAT girl