i’m still here

i wrote this a month ago, a day after ADN Fest 2017. but didn’t have the courage to post it then because...i really don’t know. now, i have every inkling to post it because i feel like i have to. not that i’m a significant member of this fandom, and i don’t think people will… Continue reading i’m still here


Yep, she’s definitely THAT girl

i finished reading Maine’s book Yup, I Am That Girl last night, after having it in my possession since sunday when i bought it from a fellow fan in one of my gc’s. she handed it over to me during the adnfest and it was one of the reasons why i was so excited that… Continue reading Yep, she’s definitely THAT girl

the sunday currently, 31

happy mother's day! my weekend was spent with family, so it was all good and happy, with some bouts of impatience and tensed-up nerves, on my side. nevertheless, it was a good weekend escape, and i hope to make-up for not posting an entry last sunday. here goes. reading... damnit, nothing. argh. well, i have… Continue reading the sunday currently, 31

the sunday currently, 06

technically it's monday, but it's still sunday in some other part of the world so let's pretend that i'm in that time zone. and i skipped a sunday of doing this because i was on a trip to one of our projects last week, so i really have to do this. reading... well, lots of tweets.… Continue reading the sunday currently, 06

full circle

a full circle. you met as yourselves sans glamour. blurry as captured. five years have gone. the blurriness was replaced by split screen, a smile, a wave a gay shriek, and thousands of hearts and eyes egging you on. five years brought clarity and sweet serendipity, bringing you back together. no longer blurry. no longer… Continue reading full circle

bees, elephants and biceps.

i started writing this a few months back, just some random thought about stuff and things that i love. my favorite things. those that make me smile and escape to a daydream. things that i will probably never tire of. so, here, just sharing.  *** i love bees. to me, they are heroes in nature, in this… Continue reading bees, elephants and biceps.