Yep, she’s definitely THAT girl

i finished reading Maine’s book Yup, I Am That Girl last night, after having it in my possession since sunday when i bought it from a fellow fan in one of my gc’s. she handed it over to me during the adnfest and it was one of the reasons why i was so excited that… Continue reading Yep, she’s definitely THAT girl


the sunday currently, 31

happy mother's day! my weekend was spent with family, so it was all good and happy, with some bouts of impatience and tensed-up nerves, on my side. nevertheless, it was a good weekend escape, and i hope to make-up for not posting an entry last sunday. here goes. reading... damnit, nothing. argh. well, i have… Continue reading the sunday currently, 31

travel thoughts day 11

we are all a little technologically challenged.  i'm between surprised and frustrated with how some of the topics being discussed here are stuff that i have learned about some years back. have we reached a plateau in knowledge? the terms and language change but it's all the same banana. the automatic flush in the toilets… Continue reading travel thoughts day 11