the sunday currently

so i’ve been reading several blogsites that have the sunday currently, or anything currently, and thought, well that’s an idea. i’ve always been one to write my thoughts and how my day has been going on. so, why not give this a shot, right?

i first saw this sunday currently on maine mendoza’s blog. i had no idea whatsoever that was, except that she just gives her readers a glimpse of what she is currently doing, categorized further into reading, watching, wearing, eating, writing, etc. i did some research to see where it all came from and found siddathornton’s blog. it says she’s been doing the sunday currently since 2012, and took on a life of its own, with other bloggers linking their own sunday currently to her blog. and now here i am, still trying to figure out how wordpress works (i’ve figured out some stuff; some are still abstract for me), and itching to try out and join the sunday currently.

i like what siddathornton said: Let’s celebrate the little moments of our lives that we never want to forget. this may just as well sum up why i will try to be faithful in keeping up with writing the currently blogposts. there are moments in our lives that deserve more than just living it at that certain moment; doing the sunday currently will be a reminder of how that one fine day made its mark, and should be able to set the tone for what the rest of your week will be.

now, i should get started right?

sabi ko nga eh.